About Us

Al-Maraseem Hospitality is considered an address to the high-end hospitality where the services provided in the area of foods & drinks supply are inspired by our ancient Arab hospitable habits, to present its guests an unforgettable experience for different occasions on an unmatched level, through it’s utmost attention to minute details, provision of best and prestigious equipment and tools from the most exquisite dishes and shining cutlery which adds more spark & glitter to the dining tables.

All of this can never be complete without a well experienced crew that devotes its expertise and efficiency of excellence to provide its guests with an everlasting and unique experience.

Special/Unique Services

Enjoy the experience of unique services by Al-Maraseem Hospitality which lays / puts extensive expertise and limitless creative ideas to serve you the best. Its ultimate goal is to provide unparalleled services and create distinctive celebrations that leave everlasting impressions on its guests. And to achieve these impressive results, we give great importance to the details of your special occasions, starting from the location of ceremony, catering staff, to the assurance of extensive expertise, skills and creative ideas.

We are highly capable of creating fascinating environment with great ideas within the locations of your choice.

Interested to entertain your guests with specific offers? You are most welcome, we will do the needful in a way which will garner praise and admiration of your guests.

Catering Services / Food Supply Services

Through this section, we are dedicated to provide you with our best services equipped with high quality and excellence in the area of catering. We also monitor very closely the quality and safety of the foods served because our motto is to provide our customers with the best services enriched with the highest standards of food safety and quality. It includes:

- Catering services to ministries and government sectors
- Catering services to hospitals and medical centers
- Catering services to military/ army sectors
- Catering services to aviation, marine companies and airports
- Catering services to administrative and industrial companies
- Catering services to Universities and other educational institutions

Sweets Assortment

Al-Maraseem Hospitality provides you with decorated sweets prepared by the best cooks from a vast assortment of French and Eastern sweets. Al-Maraseem sweets are the best choice to meet all kinds of occasions and celebrations. It has thousands of secrets behind its delicious taste. It is the design where the sweets, cookies or cakes can be decorated and adapted to suit your occasions/ events, the small pieces of sweets prepared by hand with gentle care and arranged gracefully: it’s a real treat to eyes and pleasure to taste.

Creative/ innovative ways of cooking

Since we believe that our guests deserve the best, we keep working on adding our touch to the dishes in different highest innovative ways to ensure that the customers get the most delicious dishes filled with fresh items prepared with loads of creativity at the hands of highly professional and expert chefs from different nationalities who are fully dedicated to provide the best and the most delicious international cuisines through their expertise and creativity in cooking and by using the best local and international ingredients to ensure the uniqueness of their dishes according to the non-compromising quality standards.

Meeting all the occasions / events

We realize the importance of what we provide and we are completely aware that our success is hidden in meeting all your needs and satisfying all your desires to the fullest. We are also aware of the requirements of excellence within incomparable standards.

Whether you are looking for an elegant wedding or graduation ceremony, or wish to celebrate the anniversary occasions close to your heart, whatever the occasion is, we do possess the necessary experience and efficiency to transform your precious occasions into everlasting memories.Since we realize the importance of success, we have been very keen to create a better inspiring atmosphere for celebrating your business success or honoring ceremony for creative teams in your company and encourage them to enhance their performances.

We have been keen to make our services very unique as it meets all kind of tastes and different occasions & events, starting from family gatherings which comprise less than 20 guests to grand occasions /ceremonies.

Entertainment is one of the key factors to make any occasion successful, though it also poses threat/challenge most of the time.

We, at Al-Maraseem Hospitality, promise you an unprecedented creativity in everything what we offer, with unforgettable unique experience, through innovation and implementation of distinctive ideas in your different ceremonies and events.

Gifts & Flowers

No matter whether it's a marriage ceremony, celebration on new born, university social events, or any international celebrations, Al-Maraseem Hospitality has the best gifts, buds and flowers to suit all the occasions.

Al-Maraseem Hospitality provides the best and most elegant gift accessories. Apart from this, we also provide you with the best of audio, visual and lighting arrangements that add more sparks and success to your celebrations.